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* To assure a successful planning and the availability of our offers and/or artists we recommend making your reservations and bookings at least two weeks beforehand.

* Once you have received and accepted the budget, the reservation is to be done by bank transfer to the agency’s account. Each reservation will be assigned a unique identification code.

ARTIST BOOKING TERMS: * Reservations: To confirm a reservation you will need to provide an advanced payment of minimum 30% of the entire amount, depending on the type of performance you chose. The “last minute” bookings, made with less than three days or in the same day as the event, will have an increment added for priority and urgent services.

* Payment: After making the booking the remaining quantity is to be handed directly to the artist.

* During the show, if any member of the event/party acts disrespectful towards the artist performing, he/she will immediately end the performance. 100% cancellation costs!

* It is totally forbidden to take pictures or videos of the artist during his/her performance without previous notice. The agency and/or the artist’s permission is required for such actions.

* All the artists presented in our website are independent collaborators in the entertainment business. exotik is not to be take responsible for their performances and possible delays, once it has informed both the customer and the artist of the time, date and place of the performance.

OFFER BOOKING TERMS: * Reservations: It is not accepted to book our services on the same day as the party/event! To confirm a reservation you will need to provide an advanced payment of minimum 30% of the entire amount, depending on the type of services required.

* Complete Payment: It is not accepted to pay the rest of the amount on the same day as the party/event! Once the booking is confirmed the client has a maximum of 3 days before the event to make the complete payment and avoid the cancellation of the reservation (Without refund!).

* Once the reservation has been made for a specific number of guests, it is not possible to recalculate the budget; the group will have to pay the initial budget. exotik reserves its right to recalculate the budget in special cases, when there is a maximum variation of 2 guests, depending on the services required.

* The organizer and/or the contact from the group take responsibility of the group´s acts and general behavior. Once the reservation is made the client commits to having an adequate behavior and to respect the regulations of each one of the booked services.

* exotik recommends the restaurants included in the offers, but is not responsible for their actions and decisions.

* Once the booking has been made after accepting the budget, charge backs are not allowed. exotik is not to be taken responsible for the non-fulfillment of third parties that could have as a consequence the non-fulfillment, partially or totally, of the booked service/s. The booking will remain pending and the client can ask for the same service or similar, depending on the possibilities.


Last update: january - 2022
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