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1st December 2016 - Update of www.exotik.es website.

We have made some small changes of great importance to our website, with the purpose to facilitate the comprehension of “exotik”. Amongst these changes, we have republished the News page of our website, where some of the most important events in our development are being highlighted.

30th November 2016 – Publishing of the “exotik” websites archives.

Starting today, we make available to our users the “exotik” web archives, presenting the development of “exotik” from its beginning until today. The fotos of the artists presented in the following web archives are not availble due to copyright.

ricostripper.com (2007) , riko.exotik.es (2011 - 2022)

exotik.es (2009 - 2011) , exotik.es (2013) , exotik.es (2014)

exotikdespedidas.es ( 2009 hasta 2011) , exotikdespedidas.es (dic. 2011) , exotikdespedidas.es (mayo 2012), exotikdespedidas.es (julio 2012)

stripersbarcelona.es (2014 - 2016) , stripersvalencia (2014 - 2016), striperscastellon.es (2014 - 2016)

27th October 2016 Update and centralization of the “exotik” webs

“exotik” has been developed during the last years throughout different websites affiliated to the web www.exotik.es, like: exotikdespedidas.es, www.stripersbarcelona.es, striperscastellon.es and stripersvalencia.es. All these web projects served as communication and dissemination tools for “exotik” .

Despite all said above, our team had to continuously fight against those who tried to copy and/or alter in any way the image of the “exotik” trademark. In order to avoid any possible confusion and to protect the authenticity of the concept, we have decided to withdraw the named websites and redirect them to the main website www.exotik.es.

25th April 2014 - Update of exotik.es website (see more...).

Because of the lack of cooperation and collaboration on behalf of the artists presented within our website, we have proceeded to withdraw the online artists’ catalogue and reduce our database so as it only includes those dedicated artists who have proven a high level of professionalism towards “exotik” and its clients.

09th June 2013 - Update of exotik.es website (see more...).

Today we publish a new design for the website www.exotik.es, more attractive and dynamic, able to facilitate the access and browsing of our users. We have also widen our online catalogue with various different artists and shows for parties and events.

17th May 2013 - Publishing of the “exotika” trademark concession.

Today, the concession of the registration of the nacional trademark “exotika” no. 3051994 has been published by the OEPM (Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office). We had no choice but to register the named trademark as a response to the plagiarism and unfair competition we had to withstand in the past few years, despite the fact that we are the rightful owners of the “exotik” trademark, no 2842487, since 2009.

13th March 2012 – The new exotik offers (ver más...).

Just as we promised, starting from today, the new exotik Offers are available in our Web. If you need to plan any kind of party this is the place to find the best offers for groups, company dinners, friends reunions, hen/stag parties, birthdays or any kind of celebrations.

Click on our Offers Here and choose the city and offer that interests you the most. Contact us by telephone by calling +34 665.59.44.59 or fill out our Contact form and you will receive a response to your message as soon as possible.

23d February 2012 – Important Notice.

After having informed you about the existence of the copy of the exotik concept, it is time to leave this issue in the hands of the authorities. We will no longer specify any names of those who voluntarily violate our rights, as they do not deserve any more publicity or attention, and we continue with our path. Soon you have the New 2012 exotik Offers available.

13th Janury 2012 – Copy of the exotik concept in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

exotik is born in the city of Valencia, Spain, becoming a registered national trademark no. 2842487 in march 2009. Even without sufficient means, due to the extraordinary efforts of its founders, in less than three years it manages to extend the concept in the main cities of Spain: Castellon and Tarragona in 2009, Barcelona and Madrid in 2010 and Alicante in 2011. Today the exotik concept has become an unofficial reference / source of inspiration to many.

The exotik team has never shown to be offended by those who partly copied its concept as this implied radical changes in the mentality and education of the general public, however the actions of a group of business persons in Madrid go beyond the limits of common sense, loyal competition and human rights.

In the month of June of 2011, one of the biggest clubs in Madrid tries to register a trademark almost similar to exotik. The rightful owners of the original trademark make an opposition and the Spanish Office of Patents and Brands (O.E.P.M.) recognizes their rights by rejecting the registration of the copy. Without respecting the decision of the Office (O.E.P.M) the club continues to open its doors illegally receiving thousands of clients, harming the image of the original brand, making disloyal competition and producing a high degree of confusion amongst the general public.

exotik wants to inform that it has nothing to do with the named club, neither does it have any implication in the parties organized within it.

13th Janury 2012 – Important Notice.

For more than three years the exotik team has been working PRO BONO for the creation and development of a good image for the artists who joined this project. exotik has primarily focused its attention on striptease, but it has never ignored the others, receiving in its team all kinds of artists and performers without any reserves, prejudices or discriminations. In time of acute crisis it managed to give jobs to more than 100 artists, creating new jobs and opportunities for all.

Due to the lack of professionalism and cooperation shown both by those who formed the exotik Database as well as the collaborating companies (agencies, discotheques, pubs, restaurants etc. from Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Aliquant), exotik temporarily ceases its activity related to the creation and development of the image of the named personnel and/or collaborating companies.

The strategy changes will not affect the exotik clients who will require our services in the near future, our team of professionals remaining at their service for the creation and planning of parties, events and/or shows.

These changes will however affect the collaborating conditions which will be more severe for the artists and collaborating companies. The artists will continue to be part of the exotik Database, but the selection criteria will be harsher than ever. Due to the present crisis that affects everyone, exotik cannot allow any failure towards its clients and by adopting these changes it wants to continue assuring the high standards of its services.

3d of January 2012 – Important notice for all exotik clients and partners.

According to the mission statement of “exotik despedidas”, starting from today our website www.exotikdespedidas.es will be focused primarily on the promoting and booking of female and male strippers. The strippers can be hired for striptease performances depending on the type of the party planned. For booking any other kind of artists we invite you to visit the Entertainment section of our main web www.exotik.es

1st of January 2012 – Happy and Prosper New Year to everyone!

exotik welcomes the new year together with it’s team and wishes everyone all the best in 2012. As always we are here to offer you the best, so do not doubt to contact us to entertain your parties with the best exotik artists of the moment.

10th of December 2011 – The videos of our artists available exclusively in exotik Webs.

Starting from today all videos included in the “exotikAgency” You Tube Channel are available only through the exotik webs, in the artist’s profile and soon in the exotikTV website. We consider this change to be a very important step forward for our team. Navigate and enjoy!

1st of December 2011 – The first day of winter brings hot awards.

One more year has passed and it is now time to announce the best exotik artists of 2011. It was really difficult to choose only one artist like the previous year and as a consequence we decided to give one award per category. In the selection process we had to analyze different aspects as for example: the quality of the performance, the general attitude towards the public; the client´s reactions and opinions after the performances etc.

exotik female stripper 2011 – Luna (Barcelona) / exotik male stripper 2011 – Migue (Valencia) / Drag-queen 2011 – Lola (Castellón)

13th of October 2011 - Autumn offers...

Are you getting close to a special celebration you were not thinking of celebrating this year? Take a look at our offers and think again. The autumn offers give you a chance to make the best out of your birthday, anniversary or party with a good dinner and a show to entertain the evening. If transportation is your problem, we have offers with bus service included. And if the group cannot change location or if you have your own place, we have a wide variety of artists and performances you can choose from to give your party or event a special touch.

4th of September 2011 - New update in the profiles of our artists.

Starting from today you can find in the profiles of our artists their spoken languages. With this update exotik marks once again its artistic concept: diversity, professionalism and complexity. In this way, those who come to Spain from abroad have the possibility to find and book that artist capable of communicating in the same language.

8th of April 2011 - New offers for groups and more cities to celebrate your party.

We continue developing and constantly improving our offers and we always find the best partners. Right now we offer you new destinations and offers in Alicante y Madrid. Choose, enjoy and have fun without having to worry about anything.

22th of February 2011 - New performances in exotik.

The main virtues of an exotik artist are the talent, the complexity and the will to demonstrate his/her abilities. The exotik shows project takes of this year with three categories: musical performances, theatrical performances and circus shows. You will soon find more talents and voices to give that unique touch to your party, event or project.

05th of February 2011 - The exotik despedidas Project celebrates two years online. Mission statement:

The “exotik despedidas” Project is dedicating its efforts to the creation and production of original and fun parties for private individuals and companies alike. (...) Our ideology is to offer only the best quality services for any important celebration in the life of a person. (...)

(...) One of the “exotik despedidas” Project´s primary purposes was to improve the image of a much controverted “job” generally known as STRIPPER.(...) All the artists and performers who have shown their talent and strong will, have found their places in exotik. We thank them for their confidence and together with them exotik begins a new year with high expectations. (Read more...)


31 of January 2011 - Notification for all users.

Today exotik succeeds to overpass the second attack of unknown nature towards its website in the last two years. The Google diagnostic shows that exotik is not to be taken responsible, although it had to restrict access to our website for several hours.

Thank you to the vigilent eye of Google and the immediate reaction of exotik we continue offering the best in 2011 in our web www.exotikdespedidas.es

09th of December 2010 - exotik launches the “Tease-Art” © Project.

“Tease-Art” © is a new concept of shows and entertainment created and conceptualized as a project by exotik. It can be defined as “the art of seduction expressed through dance and musical message”. One of the primary objectives is creating a team, a group of artists and professionals that share the same ideology and ideals. (Read more....)


1st of August 2010 - exotik YouTube Channel.

Starting from today you can see part of the history behind exotik in YouTube and with time all videos made by exotik will appear in the YouTube Channel. The latest works, video clips with our artists and more suprises to come. Subscribe to our Channel to receive the latest news on the exotik videos.

31 of July 2010 - This season we are 100% exotik.

After a difficult selection process, we have decided to present in our web the offers recommended by exotik and its anterior clients. As the times we live in do not allow any mistakes, the prime criterion has been finding the best combination between price and service quality. (See offers...)

07th of April 2010 - English version!

In order to extend our client area even more, we are now launching and English version of our website. Our objective is to offer the tourists and the potential clients from abroad the possibility to access our services. This way, we are trying to increase the number of tourists who choose to celebrate an event in Spain. Our team is ready to offer guidance in English at a high level of professionalism.

01st of April 2010 - New offers and prices. Online reservations!

The Price List for 2010 is now available online. We have worked hard to bring to you the best offers possible. Also we have facilitated the booking process with our Online Form. For reasons of availability and impeccable planning, we recommend making the reservations with minimum two weeks before.

24th of Dicember 2009 - Merry Christmas! and A Happy New Year!

Just as usual, exotik surprises its clients before the end of the year. The variety of services has developed even more in the costal cities from Valencia, Castellon, Tarragona (Salou) to Barcelona and surroundings. Part of the services we offer, are now available also in Madrid, being these the next citie where exotik will mark its presence.

20th of Dicember 2009 - www.exotik.es (see more...) Another success story!

The development of the exotik project never stops. What used to be the main activity of our team, www.exotikdespedidas.es, is now just a department. Our team brings to light a new concept ... variety of services, professionalism, efficiency, confidence!

1st Abril 2009 - Publishing of the “exotik” trademark concession.

Today, the concession of the registration of the nacional trademark “exotik” no. 2842487 has been published by the OEPM (Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office).

20th of March 2009 - exotik now in Barcelona, Tarragona and Salou.

In the last three months, exotik has developed just as our team has expected. Due to the passion of all those who have been implicated in this project, exotik extends its services in the Barcelona, Tarragona-Salou area.

15th of January 2009 - Launching a new concept... www.exotikdespedidas.es (see more...).

We begin the year with a brand new image, new website design and a lot of experience in attending our customers.Our concept is to bring to our team only those people who can offer the highest level of professionalism

3rd of September 2008 – The web www.exotikdespedidas.es acquired today.

Today we have registered the web www.exotikdespedidas.es, where we will continue to offer our event and party planning services as well as artist contracting services under the name of “exotik”.

Since April this year we have presented our project under the name “Los Angeles Despedidas”. We have decided to let go of this name when, just a few weeks ago, an agency called “Angeles y Demonios” from Barcelona contacted us for a possible confusion with their “trademark”, although the trademark “Angeles y Demonios” is not registered with the OEPM (Spanish Office for Patents and Trademarks).

This comes after we received, the previous month, in august, an e-mail from AEEE (Spanish asociation of erotic shows) informing us that they had made a complaint to the Spanish Tax Agency based on faulse arguments. The AEEE, although mentioning their “lack of means and authority to identify the alleged offenders”, “proceds, as far as possible” to associate the name of an agency called “La Caravana” with our website www.losangelesdespedidas.es and our contact numbers, acusing us of unfair competition.

Consequently, in order to highlight our authenticity and to avoid any kind of confusion, we proceded to change the name of the project “Los Angeles Despedidas” to “exotik”, establishing therefore the basis of a new concept by registering the “exotik" trademark and by adquiring the web www.exotikdespedidas.es.

All those who want to be part of this project send us an email at casting@exotik.es with information (name, speciality, type of performance, skills etc.) and photos. You will receive an email notification as soon as possible.

exotik casting
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