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General Specifications

The present document of compulsory reading for all those who are part or want to be part of the exotik team. We suggest you read it beforehand, as the fact of sending us your information implies that you have read and accepted without any reserves the following conditions.

exotik is a group of professionals whose primary objective is to represent and promote its artists the best way possible. This representation requires first of all a good collaboration and solid communication, inside an ambient of full trust and support between exotik and its artists and also artist to artist.

The APPLICATION FORM contains the information required to perform the activities mentioned above. It is necessary for all those who want to be part of exotik to fill out the Form.

Within exotik , the artist has the right to:

a. Be informed of the budgets and commissions perceived by his agent. To receive such information it is sufficient to contact with exotik directly by phone or email.

b. Cancel the collaboration agreement at any given time by informing exotik about his/her decision and reasons as soon as possible.

c. Speak his opinion and participate with all his/her resources to the creation of his/her own image inside the project. (Note: If the artist gives the agent, on purpose, incomplete or unreal information or low quality images, with the clear negative intention towards the agent, he/she will be automatically excluded from exotik. )

To assure the good collaboration the artist has to:

a. Supply to the agent only that information that is real, adequate and complete

b. Complete the best way possible any work engagement made towards exotik, once he/she has confirmed the performance (schedule, address, budget etc.). A performance cannot be transferred to another artist.

c. Inform the agency as soon as possible about the changes that can affect the good going on and the activities of exotik. (changes in residence, telephone number; new look; accidents or diseases etc.)

exotik Rights:

A. exotik has the right to select the artists that take part of this or any other project, following its own criteria and promoting them the way it finds most suitable.

B. exotik has the right to cancel the agreement with an artist if that collaboration jeopardizes the agents activities or the activities of the other members of the team.

Document changes: exotik can make changes in the present document, at any given time. It can introduce new regulations and conditions, as well as it can eliminate all or any of the existing ones, the new regulations being implemented from the day they are made available to the public.


exotik Engagement:

A. exotik is hereby committing to make diligent use of the information provided by the artist, offering personalized image consulting, with the objective to promote the artists abilities and work related activities.

B. exotik hereby declares that the personal information provided will not be revealed to others, and neither will it use the information on its own benefit to promote products and services not related to the purpose the information has been collected.

Last update: april - 2021
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